Are you still producing product data in-house?

Click here for a chart comparing eTailer DataFlow and eTailer WebCat to producing data in-house.

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NEW - eTailer DataFlow

The aftermarket’s first content management
solution for retail websites, delivered as a raw
data feed on your web server.

eTailer DataFlow from DCi is your solution for:

  • Feeding raw product data to your existing website
  • Increased online sales and reduced labor costs
  • Increased web traffic from additional product information
  • Faster speed-to-market
  • Increased shopping cart conversion rates
  • Reduced returns from more complete product information

eTailer DataFlow from DCi lets you sell:

  • Nearly 200 of the industry’s leading brands
  • Over 500,000 part numbers

FACT: one website that switched to eTailer DataFlow went from purchasing $1000/month in one brand from their WD to $10,037 the next month…
then $14,059… then $19,078 in the third month!

It’s been proven: increased online sales come from accurate website catalog content. The reasons are simple: online customers do a lot of research before they buy. They compare and browse. And if your website has the products customers want, not only will they buy, they’ll come back again.

FACT: a recent research study shows a direct link between the number of products shown in a website and an increase in web traffic.

Online customers want to find what they’re looking for, and when they do, they buy. Now you can stand out from other websites trying to sell products with incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information.

FACT: eTailer DataFlow feeds the industry’s most accurate data…including universal and application-specific products…over 500,000 part numbers…more than 40,000,000 application records across 70,000+ year/make/model combinations through model year 2008.

DCi’s eTailer DataFlow gives you the industry’s most complete and up-to-date product information, in a customizable monthly data feed that resides on your server. It’s a closed-loop solution, with no product information maintenance required from you. It would take a huge infrastructure investment in software and considerable time and labor costs to duplicate the data available in eTailer DataFlow.

FACT: Using eTailer DataFlow product data on your website is cost-effective and fast. It’s a proven way to reduce costs and increase sales quickly.

In-house labor now used to create and enter product information can be redeployed in other ways to grow your business like improving site functionality, developing exclusive website content, online marketing activities or enhancing customer service.


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