Are you still producing product data in-house?

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Everything you need to know about having the best product catalog content for your retail website, featuring the industry’s leading brands.

Q: What is eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat?

A: It’s the aftermarket’s first complete content management solution for retail websites. Either has the industry’s most complete and up-to-date product information. They’re what we call “closed-loop” solutions, meaning product information is complete with no input or editing required from your staff.

Q: What is the difference between eTailer DataFlow and eTailer WebCat?

A: DCi’s eTailer DataFlow delivers a customizable data feed of raw data that resides on your server. It includes raw data elements to allow Intelligent Parts Search. DCi’s eTailer WebCat is an application service that plugs into your existing website with built-in Intelligent Parts Search, and feeds from our server. Both include DCi’s proprietary data, blended with manufacturer’s data.

Q: How do eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat increase sales?

A: Simple: more products for sale means more sales! Here’s a success story: one website that switched to eTailer DataFlow went from purchasing $1000/month in one brand from their WD to $10,037 the next month... then $14,059... then $19,078 in the third month!

Q: How do eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat increase web traffic?

A: Simple: More products for sale means more web traffic. A recent research study shows a direct link between the number of products shown in a website and an increase in web traffic.

Q: How do eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat reduce costs?

A: Many ways. Use eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat instead of reinventing the wheel and paying to create data that already exists. Other ways are reduced returns from accurate product information, higher shopping cart conversion, and higher average sale.

Q: What products or brands can I sell on my website?

A: eTailer DataFlow includes nearly 500,000 part numbers, and nearly 200 of the automotive aftermarket’s leading brands. We have the most complete coverage of performance and accessory manufacturers, and we have several options to let you pick the brands you want to sell on your website. More part numbers and manufacturers are added all the time.

Q: What data format do you use?

A: The data feed typically comes to you in a pipe delimited text file. DCi also has the capability to send your data in other popular file formats.

Q: How current is the data in eTailer DataFlow?

A: Thousands of updates are made throughout the month. The data used in eTailer DataFlow is the most complete and accurate data available. DCi also provides an update schedule of all supported manufacturer’s brands for our eTailer DataFlow customers. When changes occur and a new file is posted, it will be a complete file of all the manufacturer’s data - not just an update file of changes.

Q: How often is my data updated?

A: With eTailer DataFlow we send you a complete update once a month. Using eTailer WebCat your data is updated continuously.

Q: A manufacturer said their data is available for free... why do you charge for this data?

A: You are not charged for the ”data.” Manufacturers have already paid DCi to create their product database... you would pay tens of thousands of dollars if we had to create your data from scratch. When you use our service you pay for things such as our exclusive blended data elements for Intelligent Parts Search, continuous data maintenance, data storage and transmission.

Q: How much does eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat cost?

A: Either are more cost-effective than creating the data in-house. The cost depends on the number of manufacturer brands, the data format, the data elements required and any custom programming needed.

Q: Do I get product photos or other images?

A: Yes. In eTailer DataFlow about 85% of the items include product photography. In eTailer WebCat we also include diagrams, warranties or installation instructions if the manufacturer has them.

Q: What pricing or product data is included ?

A: Jobber and MAP. All the part numbers include current Jobber price. Retail MAP prices will be delivered if the manufacturer has a retail MAP program and retail MAP prices. eTailer DataFlow also includes package weights and dimensions.

Q: What is Intelligent Parts Search?

A: This is catch-all phrase for parts search based on make/model/year/submodel, or product attributes including material, shape, and description including 70,000+ year/make/ model combinations through model year 2008. With eTailer DataFlow you get data elements to create leading-edge search capabilities on your website your own way. eTailer WebCat has Intelligent Parts Search built-in.

Q: Can I sample the data?

A: Yes, with eTailer DataFlow. We set you up with a one-brand trial database at a very low cost. This is “live” data to post on your website. See for yourself what happens to your sales with a manufacturer’s complete and current product line on your website. For an example of eTailer WebCat, look at CatalogRack.com.

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