Are you still producing product data in-house?

Click here for a chart comparing eTailer DataFlow and eTailer WebCat to producing data in-house.

Click here for a flow chart comparing eTailer DataFlow and eTailer WebCat to the workflow producing data in-house.















DCi iWebCat Online Parts Catalog




Call DCi today about increasing your online retail sales with the eTailer DataFlow or eTailer WebCat content management solution.

DCi’s eTailer content management solutions deliver the most complete data available from the industry’s leading brands. You pick the brands you want to sell.


With eTailer DataFlow you get a one-time complete data feed, with monthly updates afterwards. We can set you up with a one-brand demo database at a very low cost. This is “live” data to post on your website. See for yourself what happens to your sales when you have a manufacturer’s complete current product line on your website.


With eTailer WebCat you get a plug and play electronic catalog with built-in Intelligent Parts Search and updates as often as 24 hours.

For more information on DCi’s eTailer Content Management Solutions, contact Rob Eberhart today.

Rob Eberhart
(515) 276-0442, ext. 655
Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi®)


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