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The DCi Mission

To help Buyers and Sellers communicate
more effectively through visual, voice,
data and knowledge technologies.


With over 25 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, DCi has become the leader in business-to-business communications solutions for manufacturers marketing through the aftermarket’s complex distribution channels.

Each service integrates with the customer’s internal processes and marketing strategies to provide seamless enhancements to their communications mix.

Print Media Division

This division was the basis of the original company. Founded over 25 years ago, we enabled manufacturers to move catalogs, price sheets and other printed collateral materials, in an expedient, cost-effective manner, from the creative-desktop environment to the parts store catalog rack or the product procurement division of a chain store. This led us into the printing business, which today is a large part of this division’s business, as we help manufacturers cut printing costs and turnaround time. A business-to-business database links various warehouse distributor, jobber/dealer and retail outlet customer records. Then, through a specially designed “dupes-removed” process, we arrive at a net, “no waste” distribution list.

Bi-monthly co-op MailServ® packages provide manufacturers with a simple, low-cost and sales-effective method to distribute new materials directly from the printing press to the intended user-jobbers, WDs, performance and accessories parts buyers, etc. MailServ customers range from car company brands such as Ford Motorsports to aftermarket brands such as Mr. Gasket, Dee Zee, Edelbrock, B&M, Lund, Deflecta-Shield, MSD, Hypertech, Westin, Holley and Auto Meter.

BulkServSM, a companion service, enables manufacturers to move bulk quantities of newly printed materials via UPS, truck or expedited carriers directly to WDs, distribution centers and reps, eliminating costly time delays.

The DCi publication CatalogRack TODAY provides an economical way for manufacturers to convey new product updates, sales tips, technical knowledge and other information directly to retail countermen and salespeople. The publication is intended to help retail and wholesale outlets boost their sales of performance and accessory products. The Today publication is delivered via MailServ.

Telemedia/Internet Division

When interactive voice response telephony technologies were first introduced, DCi set about to develop its Telemedia/Internet Division. DCi’s Telemedia service helps manufacturers link consumers to local retail outlets through its DealerQuikSM Local Dealer Toll-Free Telephone Networks. Specialty automotive manufacturers like Edelbrock, Warn, Dee Zee and Lund are just a few of the aftermarket brands using DealerQuik Networks. This service also helps manufacturers measure media effectiveness, with various reports tracking each call.

i-DealerQuikSM, a companion service, integrates the Local Dealer Look-Up process with the manufacturer’s website. In addition, it turns the process into a 1-on-1 marketing tool by including an opt-in mail and e-mail consumer database. Recognizing that manufacturers in other industries could use these solutions, a special sales group now provides telephony solutions for non-automotive manufacturers, TV show producers and magazine publishers.

Electronic Cataloging Division

DCi established its Electronic Cataloging Division in 1997 as a result of its involvement in setting industry standards. This division’s services allow performance and accessory parts manufacturers to service all facets of their distribution channels’ electronic cataloging needs.

ALL-ChannelsSM Electronic Catalog
The division’s cornerstone service is its Enter Once Service EVERYBODY! ALL-Channels electronic catalog. ALL-Channels gives a manufacturer a universally applicable cataloging database and allows the manufacturer to provide electronic cataloging data to any of the e-cat networks used throughout the automotive aftermarket. Additionally, the ALL-Channels electronic catalog powers the DCi cataloging applications mentioned below.

iWebCatSM For the Manufacturer’s Website
, a newly enhanced service, allows a manufacturer with an ALL-Channels electronic catalog to have an automatically-updated electronic catalog on their consumer website. Consumers can easily and quickly find exactly which of the manufacturer’s products fit their vehicle.

CatalogRack.comSM Service Group 
A third service group, designed for the distribution channel under the CatalogRack.com name, is provided over the Internet and allows electronic catalogs to be updated every 24 hours. This enables any salesperson to become an instant expert at selling several hundred thousand performance and accessory items, through the use of electronic cataloging, replacing the need for paper catalogs as the primary reference tool.

PIES Data FarmSM and PWA LoadSheetData.comSMThis fourth service focuses on the development and distribution of industry standard formatted and validated data used for purchasing, pricing and part number related sales transactions. The PIES Data Farm is the manufacturer’s repository for the validated ZERO DEFECT data fields most commonly associated with the paper price sheet world. PWA LoadSheetData.com is a joint industry initiative between the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) and DCi that provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing the manufacturer’s data in the Data Farm. The service allows quick and easy creation of the hundreds of custom new item set-up sheets used by thousands of customers.


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